“Peter Prak has passed his CPTED-exam level 1” – PSJ Project –
“ORT application for investigating housing burglaries for National Police completed successfully” – PSJ Advies –
“Integrated approach for Security Risk Management and CPTED is available in the security concept developed by PSJ/BVertas” – PSJ –

PSJ Advies & PSJ Project B.V.

In 2009 Peter Prak (1958) started his consultancy PSJ.


  • is an independent consultancy;
  • executes risk analyses, develops security concepts and offers guidance in decision support with the Objective Ranking Tool (ORT);
  • has a preference to work on project basis, if possible fixed price;
  • operates as self-employed within PSJ Advies or from PSJ Project B.V..


PSJ supports in the identification and management of risks.

Based on the RISKMAN-methode PSJ offers process management and a basic tool to analyse risks. 

Afterwards an organisation is able to maintain the process of riskmanagement itself. 

PSJ offers experience in the field of security, safety and crowd management.

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See also Vertas B.V.

PSJ developes security concepts on strategic, tactical and operational level. 

Based on a security concept an organisation is able to execute a security plan for identified objects itself. Elements of CPTED are part of this concept. 

PSJ developed a Handbook Security for a few national operating organisations. The principles are also valid for and implemented in some smaller organisations.

CPTED-principles are used in the classification to a basic security level and during the inspection for a site security plan.

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PSJ supports with the Objective Ranking Tool (ORT) in complex decision making processes, ranking or compliance. Especially In situations with contrary interests of stakeholders ORT offers clear results based on a common process. 

With ORT PSJ already developed some specific applications: 1) to allocate riskfull objects, 2) matching in a dating programm, 3) compliance on ISO27001 and 4) preparation for extreme weather situations.

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