“Realise commitment for risk management” – PSJ –


Risk Management

PSJ uses the RISKMAN-methode for the execution of risk analyses. A basic Excel-tool supports this process. In te RISKMAN-methode:

  • a risk is described;
  • causes are given;
  • consequences are identified for the operation when the risk occurs.

This is the first step: a description for the unwanted events, causes and consequences.

The second step is setting the chance, the impact and the level of control. This is done with the assistance of a reference tabel where for each risk a number has to be set between 1 and 9. According to a mathematic formula the risk number is set. The height of this number sets the level of the risk.

On the basis of the outcome, mitigation measures can be defined and a assessment for the resilience risk can be made after implementation of the mitigation measures. The result of this outcome gives insight wether the risk level is acceptable or additional measures are needed.

Preferably, after individual interviews, a common session will be organised where risks will be discussed and scored. This has a positive outcome on the risk acceptance.

PSJ offers guidance in the process of risk assessment and project management. The outcome of this process will be transfered to the organisation in such a way that risk management can be continued by the organisation itself.